Now you can own your own “50's Special” race-car for a realistic price. The GRP-bodied MEV Replicar has a lightweight, triangulated space frame chassis and is built to the highest standards. We are confident that our structural engineer has designed a chassis that is stiffer than the original, but the finished Replicar weighs less than the original DBR1 at only 760kgs. Being based on the ubiquitous MX5 means that you can build one of these beauties at a surprisingly low cost and with amazing ease. All you need to do is lift off the MX5 monocoque and replace it with the MEV chassis, just like hundreds of builders have done with the MEV Exocet. This means you will have a dynamically well-sorted car with an excellent ride - guaranteed! No one ever criticised the MX5’s handling! Donor cars can be 1.6 or 1.8, MK1, MK2; or MK 2.5 VVT engine with 146 BHP as standard.

There is a huge range of upgrades available on the market to tune your ride. Choose from stacks of suspension, brake and power upgrades: anything from a set of track pads to a full blown supercharger kit to boost your 1.8 engine to 250 bhp. Imagine that...250 bhp and only three-quarters of a ton to throw down the track; that is a very impressive power to weight ratio, with handling to match. All MX5s have, front and rear, adjustable tracking and camber, so you will be able to tune the handling to suit the road or track.

Those taking it to the next stage and racing will be able to fit after market shock absorbers with adjustable damping and a choice of spring rates.

There are limited slip differentials available and you can chose a donor car with power steering if you prefer. Some MX5’s even have ABS!!!! Keep it if you wish, this is a bespoke car that you can build completely to your own specification.

You can even modify the engine mounts on the MX5 sub frames and fit a variety of engines. There is stacks of room under the MEV Replicar bonnet. Some will consider dropping a Jaguar straight six no doubt but that would mean modifying the front bulkhead of the chassis etc. In 1959 Aston Martin used an in line 6 engine in the famous DBR1 and Ferrari used a V12 in their 1958 250 Testa Rossa Either would sound great but the right exhaust on the 4 cylinder MX5 engine can also create music.

We have our own in house fabrication department and so we can manufacture an MSA blue book spec roll bar for racing although the 50’s special cars had no such thing of course. A complete bespoke package is offered, we can even sit you in the chassis and ensure you have the optimum seating/control position before a final design is built for you. Standard cars accommodate drivers up to 6 feet 3 inches tall and there is generous width for large boned drivers too!

Orders are now being taken, collection times are 8 weeks from order or longer if you prefer.

Contact us now for more info or to book a build slot. You will be asked to pay a £1000 deposit at time of order and the balance to be cleared before collection.

Mills Extreme Vehicles Ltd is not associated with Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.

The MEV Replicar kit was inspired by the DBR1

The comprehensive kit includes the following:

  • One piece GRP body in a choice of black, British racing green, bright red, or dark blue.
  • Satin black GRP dash board panel.
  • GRP bonnet with return flange edge.
  • Space frame chassis to take MX5 subframes and suspension.
  • Set of Lucas rear lights and reflectors inc reverse and fog.
  • Pair of front indicators and side repeaters.
  • Discreet number plate lights.
  • Nose badge “MEV REPLICAR”
  • All alloy panels ready to trim and fit.
  • Fly screen in 3 sections. (doors need to be cut out after fitting to chassis if required)
  • Nut, bolt and washer pack inc rivets, screws, P clips and brake pipe.
  • Pair of headlamp covers, (the headlights are from MX5 MK1)

TOTAL £4995 plus VAT.

Wheels are available if you are looking for true 50’s chrome wires (spokes).

These bolt straight on to the MX5 hubs, don’t go for cross ply tyres though!